3 month training

Cloud Training

The 3 month cloud training offered by MolenGeek is an intensive, hands-on program that aims to train future cloud experts, with a certification at the end. The training focuses specifically on the Salesforce and AWS platforms.

Training participants learn practical skills in developing, deploying and managing cloud solutions using Salesforce and AWS technologies.

Participants learn how to design cloud architectures, migrate applications to the cloud, automate deployments and ensure the security and reliability of cloud solutions.

At the end of the course, participants earn an industry recognized certification that attests to their cloud technology skills. Participants can then join a cloud development team, become an independent cloud expert or continue their career in a related field.

IT Fundamentals:

The IT fundamentals part is the first part of the training that lasts 6 weeks.

AWS Cloud Administrator

The AWS part is the second part that lasts 6 weeks during which the students are prepared to take the AWS Cloud Practitioner certification.


Technical skills













What We Offer to Our Clients

What they are ready for

Cloud architect

Designing, implementing and maintaining your cloud infrastructure to ensure it is secure, efficient and cost-effective.


Maintaining the systems and tools that enable software development and delivery teams to work more efficiently and effectively.

Cloud consultant

Work with clients to understand their business needs and recommend the best cloud solutions to meet those needs.

Our Completed Projects

Improve & Enhance Our Tech Projects

Company Benefits

Why you Should choose Our Services

Choose Infetech to have custom software solutions for your business with the most reasonable price.

Cloud Based Services

Services address a range of application and infrastructure needs.

Expert Team Members

We have a professional team who are extremely qualified & smart.

What We’re Offering to Our Clients

Real Time Dealing in all Professional IT Solutions & Services

Automated Software

It is used in business process management to increase productivity & efficiency.

Data Structuring

Analyze nature of the data and its importance in the larger scheme of things.

IT Consultancy

Improvement of staff productivity, cost savings, competitive edge, and more.

Managed IT Services

Our managed IT services include network monitoring, security & virtualization.

Market Strategy

We provide a variety of the best marketing strategies to grow your business.

Software Develop

An entire process of creating, designing, deploying and supporting software.

Need IT solutions & services consultation?

Better IT Solutions & Services at your Fingertips

G Gaming and <br> Entertainment

Gaming and

We develop online games and entertainment programs based the newest advanced technologies.

B Business and <br> Finance

Business and

Use our best IT solutions for business and finance management to increase productivity & efficiency, reduce cost.

T Information <br> Technology


Building communications networks , safeguarding data and information, creating and administering databases .

Technology Path

Trusted IT Solution & Service Business Agency


20 years of experience


Support any time 24/7


Take our job seriously

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Backup and Recovery

This helps protect organizations against data loss.


Internet & cyber security

Offer security tactics to protect users from threats.


Cloud based services

Applications, servers, storage, and virtual desktops.